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Gary Wiggins

Wiggins began playing
saxophone in the
early sixties making his first
recorded release on 45rpm in
1970 with his band the
backing band
for several of the Detroit,
Michigan R&B vocal groups.
“Detroit” Gary Wiggins career
started at the age of 17 when
he performed with his first band
The Impacts which supported
many singers from Detroit. He
played at the New York Apollo
Theatre as well as at the T.P.
Warner Theatre in Washington
and toured across the US East
Coast and Panama. Following
a stopover in Hawaii and back
in Detroit, Wiggins arrived in
Chicago in 1982 where he
joined bands such as Lefty Dizz, Sugar Blue, Sunnyland Slim, Johnny Littlejohn and Pocketwatch Paul. There, he met
German pianist Christian Rannenberg with whom he founded the International Blues Duo (IBD), recorded three albums
and toured across Europe along with artists such as Angela Brown, Valerie Wellington, Big Jay McNeely, Charlie
Musslewhite, Johnny Copeland, Jeanne Carroll.The International Blues Duo became an integral part of the BLUES and
R&B scene and played on festivals and radio shows. Then Gary Wiggins in the early 1990s founded the Detroit Gary
Wiggins Group which recorded the CD “Time for Saxin'”. Wiggins was also inspired by the swing revival era and founded
an orchestra playing music by Arnett Cobb, Red Prysock and
other great tenor saxophonists .In 1995, he performed the
show “Saxman And The Ladies” in the Quai du Blues in Paris
and became a demanded artist at the Caveau De La Huchette
there. After touring with The Dramatics and performing in such
places as the Apollo in Harlem,the T.P. Warner Theater in
Washington D.C. and tours through Panama, and the eastern
coast of North America, Wiggins headed west and camped in
California for five years. During this time he performed with
musicians such as Eddie “Cleanhead” Vinson, Johnny
Heartsman, Roy Brown, Big Mama Thorton, and many other
musicians on the West Coast musicscene. Gary Wiggins has
been entertaining Europeanmusic lovers, with his saxophone,
for nearly two decades. Blues, Jazz, Soul, Dance, Slow
Dance, Swing Dance, or sit down relax and listen with soft
evergreens in the background is what the program can be
made of. Being one of the more colourful characters of the
music scene the Saxman, standing tall at almost 2 meters,
keeps thetradition and portrays a striking image peoplewant to
see, hear, and enjoy.
Dressing good, looking good, sounding good, and feeling good. You really deserve nothing less !