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Nina Van Horn


From many years of World Tours, she has kept a powerful vocal technique and a great corporal expression on stage. She settles in the USA and keeps on touring all around the States, and finally chooses Texas. Nina goes on tour across the USA where she became one with the landscapes and people she met. The Tour brings her to New Orleans where she finds a new passion: BLUES. Songs where you can also express pain, love and joy. Nina understands that very quickly she dives into her memory and gets loose with her voice like a Janis Joplin to whom she is often compared. She meets DAN AKROYD, also a great Blues lover, who push her to go further on into that music of Soul and Heart. NINA sings more and more, CHUCK BERRY and ERIC BURDON among others ask her to play as a supporting act as they appreciate the true « Rock Energy » and her feeling on stage. NINA learns a lot with those monsters, and feeling ready, she goes back to France to create her own Band. The MIDNIGHT WOLF BAND was born and composed of musicians corresponding to her : generous, spontaneous and truthful.. her wolves ! ! NINA shares and communicates her energy and her last CD “NINA LIVE .. and ALIVE IN PARIS” is the living proof. Her new collaboration with Neal Black and Lucky Peterson in her new album “From Huntsville to Jordan” prove that Nina is not tired to travel in the World of Blues and Texas Rock. In this more mature CD Nina express herself on subject such as Executions in Huntsville, mistreatment of our planet or wars… NINA VAN HORN is a singer definitely watching the world she lives in, she likes also to compose her songs to tell us stories of simple people met one day in Louisiana or somewhere else… She likes her Blues with moments more Jazz or Rock but always with the same joy to share it with her «wolves» and the public in a very communicative way ! Her voice reminds Janis Joplin, her energy on stage a little of Tina Turner but her sincerity and enthusiasm wherever she goes are obvious: to share her pleasure with her public !