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R.J. Mischo

RJ-MischoSinger/Harmonica player R.J. Mischo began his music career over 20 years ago in Minneapolis.
He worked with the area’s legends of the Blues scene like Muddy Waters alumni Mojo Buford and Sonny Rogers, as well as Percy Strothers and Milwaukee Slim. R.J. then ledhis own groupsand gained
a reputation as one of the region’s top acts.
During his tenure in Minneapolis, R.J. was nominated in several
categories by the Minnesota Music Academy and in 1996 won the
award for Best Harmonica Player. His stage presence is that of a
kindred spirit that likes to have a ball and everyone on stage better be
having one too!! Gotta love that voice but his harp playin’ is just the
best. RJ Mischo funnels everyday life and personal experiences
through his harp and vocals, and what pours out is the hot-blooded
passion, the playful humor and high voltage energy of the blues. R.J.
was introduced to audiences worldwide when he & guitarist Teddy
Morgan formed the RJ & Kid Morgan Blues Band featuring Percy
Strother. In 1992 they released Ready To Go on the W. C. Handy
award winning Blue Loon Records. 1994 brought the critically
acclaimed Gonna Rock Tonight also on Blue Loon Records.
After several successful tours of Europe, RJ recorded 2 CD’s,
Rough ‘N” Tough in 1996 and Cool Disposition in 1997 on the
prestigious German labelCrosscut Records. In 1998 R.J. Mischo and His
Red Hot Blues Band moved to San Francisco , California. As well as
performing regularly in the Bay area, the Band also tours extensively
throughout the United States and Europe. R.J. has appeared on some of the world’s biggest Blues events. R.J.’s 1999 release, West Wind Blowin’ , features 15 songs & guest appearances by Rusty Zinn & Steve Freund. Two years later R.J. release Meet Me On The Coast again for Crooscut Records. R.J. is also part of the Down Home Super Trio, they recently release a live recording made at the famous Luzerne Blues Festival who follow late in 2006 his new album He Came To Play. In the spring of 2008 he produced another well acclamated CD King of a Mighty Good Time. R.J. Mischo is without doubt one ofthe highest-regarded contemporary masters of the harmonica. He plays the instrument with power and deep passion, and he’s a fine vocalist with a style of his own. Since Mischo discovered the raw charm of the fifties quite early for himself and concentrated on getting this feeling and keeping it going, he plays and lives these blues as an extremely vital and powerful tradition.