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Cassandra Mathews & The San Francisco Gospel Girls

Within the Gospel music there is a style that is now largely diffused and popular in the United States and that is free from the
classical fixed expression of the worship and witness music of the Afro-American culture: the “ A CAPPELLA” Gospel & Rhythm.
This synthesis between the traditional sacred hymns and the rhythmic roots of the black African music is now considered as one
of the most original and creative artistic expression in the USA.The music of THE SAN FRANCISCO GOSPEL SINGERS
(great voices you will fall in love with) is completely different from the traditional one: they sing a very touching and refined
soulful song and their passion is so contagious to fascinate the audience and take it to a natural participation based on love, joy
and the irrepressible desire to free one’s body and spirit in a common dance.This project is born from the personal and musical
meeting of some amongst the most intense and brilliant voices of the American Gospel survey, in origin all “a cappella” voices.
The group is based in the Bay Area of San Francisco and performs very much all around the States, it is considered as one of
the most important gospel group of the last generation and this made the ensemble performing with great success in very
different from gospel music circuits.The Group is composed by six female singers, Barbara Beamon ,Wanda Diamond,
Sharon Jones, Cynthia Stokes, Tamara Jackson, Cassandra Mathews, and each one of them sing both as leader and
background vocal, enriching the show of great vitality and energy. Amongst them the very talented composer and arranger,
piano player and singer Cassandra Mathews and we can see evidence of her talent in the extraordinary repertoire of the group
made of original songs, classic and standard gospel they play with great strength and sobriety. They are all members of the
Gospel Music Workshop of America (GMWA). As they became one of the most important american gospel group they are
invited to all the greatest festivals, religious meetings, national music awards gospel choirs that made them one of the best
female vocal group, both for their physical presence, very lively, intense and communicative, and for the “A Cappella”
repertoire. They have been on a long international tour took them around the world, from Africa to Asia,from Europe to Australia
under the label “African International Choir of Sacramento”, an American Government project for cultural exchanges.
They also have been cheered at the San Francisco Blues Festival and in front of a 35.000 people audience at the Paramount
Theatre in Oakland, Ca, THE SAN FRANCISCO GOSPEL SINGERS, selected amongst over fifty national gospel groups,
received a prestigious Award from the Gospel Academy Awards Program.
The San Francisco Gospel Singers are often guest of the most popular television programs
on national channels. The six singers concert shows very well the sense of religion of black
people, with great moments when they sing together in change of the solo voice, mixing with
the public while singing. Their concerts are full of sounds and rhythmscoming from far away,
very groovy and with enchanting hypnotical gestural expressiveness. Penetrating, intimate,
collective voices that moves your soul, an enchantment shaking your body and spirit, joining
together in an only one dance.They perform a great concert that shows all the class and the
spirituality of this extraordinary ensemble that spreads the contents of the gospel music
in the whole world. After many acclaimed tours around the world, The San Francisco Gospel
Singers come back in 2007 in Europe to present their new CD after 9 great albums recorded
from 1992 to 2004.